5/4.5/4 Inch Angle Grinder Chain Disc Saw 125mm Circular Saw Wheels For Wood Band Saw Grinding Disc ?Woodworking Tools Renovator

  • [Premium Material]These sanding discs are made of high quality zirconia corundum glass paper,maximum rotation speed can reach 13300 rpm, helping you further increase work efficiency
  • [Standard Fan Washers Design]They are designed with a highly secure fiberglass backing plate which can absorb vibrations during use
  • [Functions]Metal and nonmetal perfect for grinding, stock removal, edge chamfering/beveling, weld blending, cleaning and finishing
  • [Performance]Nice sand grain effect, anti-high temperature, good wear resistance
  • [Applications]Applicable to general metal, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and other weld grinding

Mini Circular Saw Blade Diameter 80mm HSS High Speed Steel 72 Teeth Wheel Discs 22mm Aperture For Wood Aluminum Cutting Tooltools sawsteel saw

  • Captures up to 95% of airborne dust, angle grinder cutting without dust.
  • Adjustable cutting depth up to 1.06 inches,transparent PC shell for improved visibility and durability.
  • Fits 100/125/150mm angle grinders and 90/115/125mm saw blades.
  • Suitable for dry hanging marble, wall, floor, concrete dust-proof cutting, kitchen table, fiberglass resin board cutting.
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10Pcs 4&” 100mm 40 60 80 120 Grit Angle Grinder Flap Sanding Disc Grinding Wheels Silicon Carbide Apply to Metal Polish Grinding

  • HIGH STRENGTH FLAP DISCS >> Get 10 pcs of 80 Grit grinder flap disc that has a 2-inch angle. The grinding discs are made with zirconia and aluminum oxide that allows self-sharpening and increases the cutting ability. Effective flap wheel set for cutting on carbon and steel.
  • SIZE AND COMPATIBILITY >> Each sanding disc will work with the standard 2-inch angle grinders. It can reach tight spots conveniently with no backer needed for installation. Measurements are as follows: Overall Diameter ( 2 inches), Arbor Shoulder Mandrel ( inch), (5.1cm x 0.6cm), RPM Speed (12 000 to 14 000)
  • EASY TO CHANGE AND SECURE >> The versatile tool is ideal for workshops and home use. The torque spiral design allows quick disc replacement. To securely lock onto the mandrel, simply turn or twist the disc. Attaches securely with the holder or tray and functions perfectly even at maximum speeds.
  • MINIMIZE VIBRATIONS >> The 80 grit flap discs are constructed from resin fiber. Use to deburr and grind lightly and light stock removal. It has a fiberglass backing plate that allows extra strength and reduces vibrations. The one-sided zirconia discs are semi-open and can be used without smudges and smears.
  • WIDE USAGE AND APPLICATION >> Perfect for multiple flat surfaces of non-ferrous metal, aluminum, stainless steel, ferrous, rust, paint, wood, plastics, glass, ceramics and more. Widely used for sanding, grinding, blending and finishing.

10pcs 50mm Flap Discs 2 In Sanding Discs Holder 60 Grit Grinding Wheel Flap Type fit Angle Grinder Abrasive Dremmel Accessories

  • What you get: Grinding wheels' package includes 10 pieces which can meet your needs. The mirror light effect is good and it is not easy to scratch the metal surface.
  • Long service life: Grinder wheel is made of nylon fiber has good elasticity good heat dissipation durability wear resistance water and oil resistance and high grinding efficiency
  • Size: Polishing wheel's size is 4x 0.63x 0.6 inches (diameter x aperture x thickness); very suitable for angle grinders
  • Suitable for: Grit wheel is very suitable for effective dry grinding grinding polishing contour processing rust removal and deburring etc
  • Scouring pad polishing wheel: Flap discs has high flexibility does not damage the shape of the workpiece and avoids excessive slice. Especially suitable for irregular curved surfaces and fine sand

4 inch Rubber Grinding Wheel Quick De glue Abrasive Disc Polishing Wheel Uganda

  • DISC SIZE: 115mm
  • SUITABLE FOR: Suitable for use on metal, wood and plastic
  • MATERIALS: Aluminium oxide
  • Flap discs are often more comfortable to use and offer the aggressive cutting and grinding action of a grinding wheel; however, they also allow for blending and finishing work, which is important when the material needs to be painted, primed, or powder-coated. Wire Brushes and Wheels.
  • Flap discs are designed for use on angle grinders allowing them to work at a shallow angle or even flat to the metal surface. The angle at which the disc is presented to the workpiece will change how aggressive the grinding action is.

5pcs Hss Diamond Wood Cutting Discs Circular Saw Blade For Rotary Tool Engraver Electric Mini Drill + 1 Mandrel

  • Available for cutting pocelain,ceramic tile,granite,marble,sandstone quartz ect.
  • 1. Suitable for wood cutting of solid wood, wood T door, plywood, mahogany, wood wire, etc.
  • 2. Made of high quality hard alloy, high hardness, high strength, wear resistance, long service life.
  • 3. High quality evenly arranged teeth of the saw blade can ensure fast and smooth cutting.
  • 4. Smooth and unbroken edges, high cutting efficiency.

110mm 115mm 125mm Diameter Cleaning Strip Wheel Grinding Abrasive Disc For Angle Grinder Paint Rust Grinder Remover Tools

  • ¡îMade of high quality material, wear resistance, long service time. Weight: 313g/11oz
  • ¡îDesigned to grind carbide and hard steel, stone, metal and other processing and polishing.
  • ¡îHigh grinding efficiency, smooth, unbroken edges, will not produce tremor. diameter: 32mm/1.3inch
  • ¡îMainly used in alloy knife, saw blade, saw tooth processing and grinding. Outer diameter: 150mm/5.9inch
  • ¡îCan processing tungsten steel, quenching processing steel, special hard brittle materials grinding.