125mm Angle Grinder Grinding Disc 28 Teeth Grinding Wheel Abrasive Tools Wood Shaping Carving Polishing Woodworking 22mm

  • Constructed of industrial grade zirconia, compared with common aluminum oxide material, zirconia flap discs provide an excellent preformance of strength, durability, and service life.
  • Includes 20pcs grits discs, ideal for small to medium grinding application, for light grinding on a variety of surfaces.
  • 80 grit medium fineness grinding wheels are good & effective alternative for smoothing, sanding, blending, polishing, finishing flat surfaces, contours.
  • Bevel type #29 Discs (T29), has a slightly upward surface, effective for countours, edge and weld blending, and radius grinding.
  • 4.5" (115mm) outer diameter flap discs, with 7/8" (22mm) Arbor Hole, fit for use with 4-1/2" angle grinder, operatable of max. 13,300 RPM.

4.5 inch Wood Carving Disc Woodworking Chain Grinder Chain Saws Disc Chain Plate Tool for 115MM Angle Grinding Dropshipping

  • Package includes: each package includes 1 flat grinder shaping abrasive disc and 1 bevel wood carving grinding disc; These 2 different discs can meet your different needs, they can remove bits of wood quickly, saving your time and energy, helping you quickly finish the woodworking
  • Measurement: the outer diameter measures about 100 mm/ 4 inch, the inner diameter measures about 16 mm/ 5/8 inch, easy and quick to install on the standard electric angular grinder
  • Quality material: made of tungsten carbide, the angle grinder disc is durable and practical, not easy to break or deform due to sturdy construction; Wood grinder disc tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of pointed parts that rapidly remove stock; Please keep the product out of the range of kids
  • Convenient usage: you can easily install the grinding disc on the standard electric angular grinder and then use it without tedious operation process, suitable for rapid removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas, bringing a lot of convenience to your work
  • Wide range of use: the grinding discs are suitable for non-metallic and non-hard materials, and they are mainly applied for wood trimming, root carving, tea plate, peeling, chamfering, trimming and deburring, polishing, manual DIY, etc.

1Pc75mm 3inch Saw Blade Cutting Disc Flat Flap Disk Grinding Wheel Sanding Pad Polishing Abrasive Tool Angle Grinder Accessories

  • Cutting discs Expert for Metal - for demanding applications
  • Particularly suitable for applications with cast iron, unalloyed and alloyed construction steels, angular stainless steel and steel profiles, rust- and acid-resistant steels, high-strength construction steels, tool steels
  • Particularly suitable for high-strength construction steels, tool steels as well as aluminium alloy, brass, bronze and copper
  • X-LOCK accessories are compatible with angle grinders with X-LOCK interface as well as angle grinders without X-LOCK interface of all brands
  • Diameter: 115 mm, bore diameter: 22.23 mm, thickness: 1.6 mm

1PCS Sanding Flap Wheel Discs Abrasive 1/4'' Shank for Drill Metal Wood 80 400 Grit

  • X571 Best for Metal - made from robust, wear-resistant zirconium oxide-reinforced semi-friable aluminium oxide grit for long service life when working with metal
  • Particularly suitable for working with stainless steel, steel, cast iron and sheet steel
  • Straight design - for surface grinding and weld seam finishing with 5-15 Degree angle of attack
  • X-LOCK accessories are compatible with angle grinders with X-LOCK interface as well as angle grinders without X-LOCK interface of all brands
  • Disc diameter: 115 mm, grit size: K40, bore diameter: 22.23 mm

ASOYOGA 50pcs Grinding Polishing Buffing Wheel Abrasive Pad Wool Felt with Rod Shank Grinding Bits For Rotary Tools Accessories

  • ¡ïAdapt To Many Brand 115mm/125mm Angle Grinders.And the best choice for 125mm Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel.
  • ¡ïRemovable edge piece allows surface work flush to other objects.Flush grinding door which allows dust collection for flush edge grinding
  • ¡ïSoft brushes prevent dust from escaping and help move the tool over the surface
  • ¡ïVacuum Dust Extractor is compatible with standard hose size from 26mm to 39mm
  • ¡ïUniversal vacuum hose connection with locks to attach to the tool,Standard hose fitting will work with most vacuum systems

Grinding Wheel Steel Professional Woodworking Abrasive Disc Polishing Sanding Milling Angle Grinder Arc/Bevel Grinding Wheel

  • This aggressive turbo cup grinding wheel provides for very fast cutting action on masonry, stone and concrete. High diamond concentration for longer life and aggressive material removal
  • Large grinding segments with heat treated steel bodies which provides increases durability and wheel life
  • Generally used for dry/wet grinding of concrete, granite, stone, marble, tile, masonry and some other construction material to smooth uneven surfaces and remove flashing
  • The 4" diamond grinding wheel features air holes designed to aid in maintaining and cooling the cutting pattern and reducing wear
  • We provide 5-Year Worry and Unconditional 90-Day & Technical Support. Buy with confidence.

1/5/15 Pcs Grinding Wheel Mini Cutting Disc Circular Resin Grinding Wheel For Angle Grinder Circular Resin Grinding Wheel Tools

  • Material: Carbide. Made of high quality alloy material, wear resistant and durable in use.
  • High Working Efficiency: Sharp cutting edge ensures fast and accurate cutting, improving cutting efficiency.
  • Durable: High in hardness, not easy to break. Good cutting effect, flat and smooth cuts.
  • Saw blade size: Teeth: 60. Rotation Speed: 8000 rpm (Max). Outer Diameter: 180mm/7.09in. Inner Diameter: 25.4mm/1.00in. Thickness: 2.2mm/0.09in
  • Scope of application: Suitable for cutting steel, aluminum, iron, nonferrous metal, wood and plastic.

150mm/5inch Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc 150 Grit Grinder Milling Cutter for Carbide Metal

  • Premium quality: Constructed from steel, electroplated diamond, high hardness, not easy to bend, durable and long lasting.
  • Good performance: Dressers across the width of grinding wheels to allow flatter surface.
  • Convenient to use: Flat diamond surface helps dress grinding and abrasive wheels to a good flat surface.
  • Quick and easy: Dressing grinding wheels quick and easy by moving diamond surface across wheel.
  • Comfortable grip: Heavy duty diamond coated head with knurled handle for secure grip, ergonomic design, comfortable to hold.

4 inch 100mm Diamond Segment Grinding Wheel Grinding Disc Wheel Bowl Shape Grinding Cup Concrete Stonegrinding disc100mm diamond

  • It is suitable for quick removal and shaping, especially for uneven areas.
  • Tungsten carbide teeth have excellent wear life.
  • Quickly remove material, save your time and energy, suitable for bending work.
  • Tungsten carbide tooth paint consists of hundreds of extremely blades, which can quickly remove sawdust and survive hundreds of sanding pads.
  • It can only be used for non-metal or non-metal materials, suitable for wood and other materials, suitable for angle grinders, and easy to operate.

10pcs 16 60mm Diamond Saw Blade Ti coated Power Tool Cutting Blades Electric Mill Grinding Wheel Thin Disc with Shank

  • 10 professional blades - THE optimal attachment for your Flex, cutting and angle grinders
  • Features: High quality, stainless steel (stainless), size: 115 mm, 1 mm thin
  • An effortless, ergonomic and quick processing of many materials with our cutting discs without problems
  • The robust, particularly high-quality discs are ideal for clean and precise cutting of thin-walled tubes, sheets, profiles, steel, stainless steel, V2A, nonferrous metal and much more
  • more discs in different versions can be found in our online shop

Circular Saw Blade 6pcs 22 25 32mm Stainless Steel Cutting Disc with Mandrel Metal Cutting Saw Disc for Dremel Rotary Tool

  • APPLICATION: The plunge saw blade is designed with an Alternate Top Bevel tooth shape and is suitable for general purpose cutting of various wood materials such as hardwood, softwood, Particle Board, and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • RIPPING CUT: Manufactured with 28 Teeth, this professional circular saw blade is recommended for ripping cuts. Keep the teeth staying sharp by using your favourite circular saw blade sharpener with this product. It'll last for years to come
  • LASER-CUT BODY: The fully hardened blade plate is cut by laser which offers great flatness of the blades and results in precise and straight cuts. This makes it ideal for professional use, particularly for woodworkers and carpenters
  • BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH CUT: This wood cutting circular saw blade has premium tungsten carbide teeth with a 17¡ã positive rake angle, resulting in long-lasting, fast and sharp cutting performance - which is all you can ask for in a saw blade
  • GREAT COMPATIBILITY: WellCut's saw blades are ideal for use with a myriad of professional circular saws and plunge saws - primarily cordless saws