6/11/16pcs Mini Circular Saw Blade Electric Grinding Cutting Disc Rotary Tool for Dremel Metal Cutter Power Tool Cutting Discs

  • APPLICATION: The plunge saw blade is designed with an Alternate Top Bevel tooth shape and is suitable for general purpose cutting of various wood materials such as hardwood, softwood, Particle Board, and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • RIPPING CUT: Manufactured with 28 Teeth, this professional circular saw blade is recommended for ripping cuts. Keep the teeth staying sharp by using your favourite circular saw blade sharpener with this product. It'll last for years to come
  • LASER-CUT BODY: The fully hardened blade plate is cut by laser which offers great flatness of the blades and results in precise and straight cuts. This makes it ideal for professional use, particularly for woodworkers and carpenters
  • BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH CUT: This wood cutting circular saw blade has premium tungsten carbide teeth with a 17¡ã positive rake angle, resulting in long-lasting, fast and sharp cutting performance - which is all you can ask for in a saw blade
  • GREAT COMPATIBILITY: WellCut's saw blades are ideal for use with a myriad of professional circular saws and plunge saws - primarily cordless saws

110mm Diamond Saw Blade Angle Grinder Marble Stone Cutting Disc Ceramic Concrete

  • 2 piece SabreCut Vacuum Brazed Multi Material Cutting Diamond Disc & Stainless Steel Finished M14 Thread Quick Release Angle Grinder Locking Flange Nut accessory kit
  • 2 piece SabreCut Vacuum Brazed Multi Material Cutting Diamond Disc & Stainless Steel Finished M14 Thread Quick Release Angle Grinder Locking Flange Nut accessory kit
  • Professional Quality Vacuum Brazed Multi Material Cutting Diamond Circular Saw Blade for Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee and other Circular Saws which use a 115mm Blade with a 22.23mm 20mm or 16mm
  • Suitable for cutting through the toughest of materials such as Wood, Metal, Copper, Cast Iron, Roofing Material, Clay Pipe, Masonary, Stone, Plastics, Fibre, PVC, Reinforced Concrete and more
  • Fast and frustration free accessory changes on your angle grinder
  • Simply screw on and off - No Tools Needed

100mm Nylon Fiber Polishing Wheel Grinding Disc Abrasive Tools For Angle Grinder AR02 22 Dropshipping

  • 1.High tenacity fiber, special viscose, resistant to water and oil, long service life.
  • 2.Especially suitable for irregular curved surface, good heat dissipation, do not burn the workpiece, can grind out the fine sand grain.
  • 3.When grinding, the noise is low, the dust is little, can play an excellent effect on stainless steel metal, alloy and so on, provide a comfortable and safe operating environment for users.
  • 4.Used in polishing of metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, metal, plastic, melamine,building materials, automobiles, leather, textile and other industries.
  • 5.Generally suitable for 115mm Angle Grinder.

1pc Diamond Turbo Cup Grinding Wheel Angle Grinder Sand Disc Concret Marble Masonry For Angle Grinder Dia125mm/5inch

  • 6-inch outside diameter,Grit 180, quality electroplated diamond coated flat lap disk wheel.
  • The flat laps wheels have a 5/8-inch arbor hole.
  • They are absolutely flat and parallel to meet the most exacting faceting requirements.
  • For grinding and polishing glass, rock,stone, granite,etc.
  • Recommended for rough and fine grinding on faceting material plus general lapidary grinding when precision is required.

1pc 4/4.5/5/6/7/9'' Super thin Diamond Turbo Cutting Blades Ceramic Tile Hard Material Hot pressed Cutting Disc

  • Universal areas of use: The tungsten carbide multi wheel cutting disc uses an angle grinder in a universal tool
  • Highly efficient: Stable and secure performance with many materials thanks to a highly developed cutting edge
  • Excellent performance: Thin carriers and expansion slots offer unique cutting speed and prevent deformation of the blade
  • The cutting disc is suitable for working with wood, wood containing nails, plastic, plasterboard and copper pipe
  • Scope of delivery: 1 x Professional Tungsten Carbide Cutting Disc for Multi Wheel ¨C 115 mm

150mm Diamond Grinding Wheels Grinding Disc 150/180/240/320 Grits Hypotenuse Dropship

  • This grinding disc dressing bench can help to polish the grinding disc and remove burr and impurity.
  • The grinding disc dresser tool provides an easy way to remove burrs and maintain the grinding disc.
  • The grinding wheel dresser is convenient to use and designed with a handle that is comfortable to hold.
  • The abrasive wheel dresser is suitable for all kinds of grinding wheel and features a high efficiency.
  • The grinding disc dresser adopts superior material which is abrason-resistant and not easy to be damaged.

1pc 4'' 4.5'' 5'' 7'' Diamond Turbo Row Grinding Cup Wheel Grinding disc for concrete,Masonry, construction material

  • Materia: High-quality wool head,soft and sensitive, it will not scratch when polishing or damage the surface of furniture or car paint
  • Includes: 50x bigger round shape, 50x small rounds shape,4x shark, 15x tree shape with shank, 10x round shape with shank,total 129 pcs
  • Use: Make polished goods clean and bright,suitable for plastics, metals, jewelry and other small parts
  • Advantages: Excellent performance,strong and durable,many kinds of shapes and sizes, can be used with polishing compound
  • Durable & Reusable: They can reach and polish difficult to reach areas, it is safe, clean, organized and easy to find

125mm Poly Strip Disc Abrasive Wheel Paint Rust Remover Clean Grinding Wheels For Durable Angle Grinder Car Truck Motorcycles

  • Suitable for both Wet polishing, recommend using water to keep surface wet for an outstanding glossy finish. Perfect for Granite, Marble, Concrete, Travertine, Terrazzo, Stone, Floor Polisher etc.
  • Material : Diamond and metal
  • Use for : Auto polishing machine
  • Characteristic : High polishing efficiency, strong abrasion strength, it can improve the productivity and slab quality, besides making the more calm and elastic during working.

6mm 8mm Glass Thickness Diamond Glass Edge Grinding Wheel Round Edge Grinding Wheel Of Glass Diamond Grinding Wheel

  • Purpose: The nylon fiber polishing wheel can grind grooves, planes or curved surfaces to make the surface smooth
  • Wear-resistant: These grinding wheels are made of nylon fibers are durable and can be used for a long time. Adopting grinding technology has good elasticity and high grinding efficiency
  • Dimensions: Outer diameter is 4 inches; inner diameter is 5/8 inches; edge thickness: 1/2 inch; total thickness: 11/16 inches
  • Application: The nylon polishing discs are suitable for polishing, polishing and grinding of metal, glass, jewelry, stainless steel, etc.
  • Note: Please remember to wear a protective glasses when using this product to ensure safety