1pc Steel Wire Brush Copper Plated Steel Wire Brush Grinding Wheel Derusting Polishing Tool Paint Removal

  • Suitable for both Wet polishing, recommend using water to keep surface wet for an outstanding glossy finish. Perfect for Granite, Marble, Concrete, Travertine, Terrazzo, Stone, Floor Polisher etc.
  • Material : Diamond and metal
  • Use for : Auto polishing machine
  • Characteristic : High polishing efficiency, strong abrasion strength, it can improve the productivity and slab quality, besides making the more calm and elastic during working.

Polishing Wheels Polishing Pad Grinding Disc Angle Grinder Accessories Angle Grinder WheelFelt Polishing Disc Polisher

  • Material: Diamond sand coated ; Grit: 150#
  • Diameter x Diameter x Thickness x Grit Width: 78mm/Approx.3" x 12.7mm/Approx.1/2" x 10mm/Approx.2/5" x 15mm
  • It is new design has 45-degree angle, good shape retention, strong grinding capacity, precision machining and high grinding efficiency.
  • Mainly used for grinding hard alloy, tungsten steel milling cutters, also can be used for glass, tiles, gems, ceramics, molds and other materials edge grinding and chamfer. And mainly applicable to small side grinding machine, grinder.
  • 1Pc Diamond Grinding Wheel

152*2.8*25mm Metal grinding Abrasive Disc. 13pcs/lot , 6&” for steel ,high quality.

  • Made of good quality sponge and metal material, flexible and very durable to minimize heat transfer.
  • Buffering pad is suitable for uneven surface polishing, protection against damage to backing pad, convenient replacement.
  • Size: Pad diameter: 2'' (50mm), shank diameter: 1/4 inch (6.35mm). Buffering pad thickness: 1/2 inch (13mm).
  • 6.35mm Shank sanding pad suitable for most kinds of rotary tools, such as die grinders, air grinders, electric drills, etc
  • Comes with 2 pieces hook and loop sanding pad and 2 pieces foam buffering pad in total, adequate quantity can meet your daily needs

Scouring Pad Grinding Sanding Head Non-woven Flap Wheel Mounted Nylon Fiber Polishing Brush Wheel For Drill 6mm Grit 320 180

  • Includes: 30 PCS 1/2'' felt pad wheel; 30 PCS 1'' felt pad wheel; 30 PCS 3/8'' felt polishing tip and 10 PCS 1/8" Mandrel.Total 100 pcs.
  • Material: high-quality wool head.
  • USE:Make polished goods clean and bright, best used for various mould, glass, equipment and metal ceramics ,glass, stones, wood carving, jade carving, ivory carving, jewelry,gunsmithing,crystal,car,motorcycle,bike,feed ramps or trigger jobs etc.
  • The polishing wheels are belong to the consumables
  • Can be used with polishing compound to produce a smooth finish.Used to hold primarily with polishing bits and Dreme Rotary Tools accessories.

115/125/180mm Diamond Segment Grinding Cup Wheel Disc Double Row Stone Brick Tile Grinder Concrete Tools Grinding Wheels

  • High Quality Materials: grinding wheel is made from imported diamond sand particles, large particles, large quantities, thick blade body, sharp wear resistance, dry grinding without burning tablets.the high concentration diamond ensuring its durable and long service life.
  • Unique Design: Diamond abrasive cup wheel designed with 8pcs air holes and dome flange shapes, make it more superior chip removal and exhaust performance, not easy to heat, reduce the wear of the grinding disc, and make the grinding more stable.
  • 8 Hole Dust Extraction: The pores of double row grinding wheel help maintain and cool the cutting pattern and reduce wear so as to produce a more consistent diamond scratch pattern. Provide the optimal & necessary combination of allowable airflow and debris removal.
  • Wet/Dry Use: Marble cup grinding wheel with the 5mm height double row segments are perfect for both fast and smooth grinding. Can be used in wet or dry state, great to use in different situations.adding some water, you get better effects during grinding.
  • Wide Application: grinding wheel allows for providing for very fast cutting action on used for concrete, granite, stone, marble, tile, masonry, and some other construction material to smooth uneven surfaces and remove flashing.

75mm Abrasive Carving Disc Round Wood Angle Grinding Wheel Sanding Rotary Tool For Angle Grinder Tungsten Carbide 16mm Bore

  • Diamond tools of the PRODIAMANT brand are manufactured with high-quality industrial diamonds, which withstand high demands in the specified materials
  • 150mm sanding pad with 22,23mm, segment height 5mm suitable for angle grinders, concrete grinders, concrete milling, Wandschleifsyteme and floor grinders of the brands Bosch, Makita, Festool, Flex, Metabo, W¨¹rth, Einhell, Hitachi, Milwaukee, DeWalt and others with M14 threaded spindle
  • Application: Concrete, tile adhesive, concrete products, natural stone, screed, masonry universal
  • Professional tool with excellent price-performance ratio, tested to EN13236, long service life through high-quality and temperature-resistant diamonds
  • The many years of experience of our employees allows us to offer an excellent tool for different applications

4/4.5/5inch Wood Carving Disc Woodworking Chain Grinder Chain Saws Disc Chain Plate Tool 125/115mm Angle Grinding Carving Tools

  • 3M Precision-Shaped Grain maintains super-sharp points that cut exceptionally fast with less pressure
  • Mineral runs cooler and disc life is significantly longer, completing more parts per disc and requiring fewer disc changes
  • Reduces changeouts and downtime in robotic and pressure-assisted applications
  • Stiff fiber backing and a strong resin bond provide durability and tear-resistance for heavyweight applications such as high-pressure weld grinding or beveling
  • Grinding aid incorporated on the disc minimizes grinding temperatures for heat-sensitive alloys

Portable Drill Bit Sharpener Sharpening Tool Corundum Resisting afilador Drill Polishing Grinding Wheel Powered Tool Parts

  • Material: Diamond cup grinding wheel made of high quality metal alloy, durable and use long life.
  • Packing: 3 pieces concrete grinding wheel, 4 Inch grinding wheel 12 Segs heavy duty angle grinder wheels
  • Advantage: Large grinding segments with heat treated cup design, provide increases durability and wheel life.
  • Wide Applications: Suitable for dry or wet grinding of concrete, granite, stone, marble, tile, masonry and other construction material to smooth.
  • After Sales Service: We also provide after sales service with our customers, if you have any problem, please contact us.

Grinding Wheel Alumina Bench Grinder White Aabrasive Tools 46 60 80 Ggrit 8 Inch

  • ¡ïSuitable for Hitachi,Makita,Dewalt,Kress,Milwaukee, Etc Main Brands with 180mm Angle Grinder
  • ¡ïVacuum Dust Extractor is compatible with standard hose size from 26mm to 39mm(1-1/8In.1-1/4In.1-1/2In.1-3/8In.),accommodates 64mm(2-1/2In.),by removing rubber band
  • ¡ïRemovable edge piece allows surface work flush to other objects.Flush grinding door which allows dust collection for flush edge grinding
  • ¡ïSoft brushes prevent dust from escaping and help move the tool over the surface
  • ¡ïIdeal for concrete finishing, concrete material removal and paint or surface coating removal

1/3pcs 56mm Diamond 180/360/600 Grinding Wheel Circle Disc For Electric Multifunctional Sharpener Grinder Sharpening Accessories

  • 1.DESIGNED FOR CONCRETE MASONRY ROCK - Bardland 5" Double Row diamond cup grinding wheel designed for grinding Concrete masonry, rock. Works great on Concrete Masonry rock stone surfaces
  • 2.EFFICIENT, SAVES LABOR COST - Diamond Concrete Grinder Wheel with larger grinding diamond segments exposes more surface to diamond segments for faster cutting. Professional grade diamond for extra grinding per rotation. Very effective, efficient and time saver for surface grinding of concrete masonry surface or floor,
  • 3.DURABLE, A GREAT VALUE TOOL - Heat treated body for strong body, better quality diamond matrix for longer life. Concrete grinding wheel 4 performs faster and lasts longer on surface preparation of concrete masonry rocks
  • 4.EFFECTIVE ON VARIETY OF SURFACES - Concrete masonry grinding wheel that works equally good on stone rocks surface preparation
  • 5.WHEEL FOR POLISHER & GRINDERS - Cup wheel with female thread, connects seamlessly to polishers and grinders

Grinding Wheel Buffing Double Sided Edge Polishing Rotary Tool Abrasive Disc Professional Home Practical Steel High Hardness

  • - For dry grinding and wet grinding.
  • - Vibration-free designs greatly reduce operator fatigue, more productive than conventional abrasives.
  • - Cutting objects: Stone grinding, asphalt grinding, ceramic grinding and so on.
  • - Applicable models: Polishing machine, angle grinder etc.
  • - Double sandblasting edge design(5 mm block segment), more smooth chip removal, cutting more sharp, longer life.

3pcs 56mm Diamond Grinding Wheel 180/360/600 Grit Sanding Disc For Grinding Machine Grinder Sharpening Accessories

  • LONG-LASTING: This quality grinder wheel high performance alumina abrasive, safe and effective. Durable materials. 4 1/2 grinding wheels high polishing speed, glass fiber backing, fine grain, effectively absorb vibration, no stain when used, more stable grinding
  • FITS ANY ANGLE GRINDER: 4 1/2 flap disc maximum speed 13,300 rpm type #27 with industrial formulation manufacturing process, provides very long service life, compatible with all 4.5" angle grinders. Flap disc 4-1 2 inch with 40 Grit total 10 packs
  • RANGE OF APPLICATION GREAT: These grinding discs effectively polish, smooth, blend and finish surfaces or contours. Angle grinder sanding disc can be used on paint, stainless steel, wood, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: Each 4.5" x 7/8-Inch arbor size flap disc Depending on the special strong adhesive matrix, the combination of high-quality white alumina and phenolic resin can achieve the best particle wear and wear out quickly
  • SUPER VALUE: Die grinder sanding disc maximum speed 13300 rpm, wear goggles, keep all protective devices. Please choose the right abrasive. The diameter of flap wheels 4 1/2, and the cutter bar size is 7/8 inch

8&” Inch Diamond Grinding Wheel 200x20x1mm Carborundum Grinding Disc Seal Carving Sharpening Tool Jade

  • [Specifications]10PC x Flap Grinding Discs. Outer diameter: 125 mm, diameter: 22.2 mm. Grain size: 40
  • [High Efficiency]These grinder discs are made of high quality zirconia corundum glass paper. The maximum rotation speed can reach 12200 rpm, maximum linear speed 80M/S, helping you further increase work efficiency.
  • [Fibreglass]As the material of the flap disc, fibreglass is strong, rigid and lightweight. Its rigidity and vibration absorbing properties help the operator maintain greater control. They are often lighter and cooler cutting, which reduces the requirement for rework.
  • [Standard Fan Washers]Less rigid and has far more flexibility, fewer vibrations are generated when grinding. This not only provides the operator with a great comfort experience, but also greatly reduces noise. Low friction and heat resistance ensure high abrasive performance.
  • [Wide Applications]This set fits all common angle grinders, suitable for stainless steel, metal and wood. They are the ideal choice for welds, deburring, rust removal and cast brushing.