10pcs 9 inch 6 Hole Grit 40 2000 Sanding Paper Discs Self Adhesive Sandpaper Round Disk Sand Sheet Metal Furniture Grinding Tool

  • [Material]Abrasive cloth. Grinding diameter: 20mm. 80Grit, 120Grit, 180Grit, 240Grit, 320Grit, 400 Grit.Each Grit 10pcs. Item Type: Polishing Wheel.
  • [Multifunction]Our detail polishing discs suit for deburring, cleaning, finishing, machining and polishing detailed parts, tiny areas and irregular places.
  • [Wide Application]Widely used in car wheels, molds, jewelry, copper and aluminum and other metal products, and deep polishing, grinding, especially for grinding on uneven surfaces and side polishing.
  • [Wide Compatibility]It can be equipped with the drill, hanging mill, wind mill, grinding and polishing operations on a variety of electric grinding machine.
  • [Package include]60 Pcs Flap Wheels Set, 60 pcs 3mm Shank Mandrel.

Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Diamond Grinding Wheel 98/105/145mm Thickness 3.2/4.5mm Edge Cutting And Polishing Chain Saw

  • Application: Sanding Discs fit various surface conditioning and preconditioning, oil paint removal, rust removal, adhesive removal, self-sharpening, and ect.
  • Multiple Specifications: Total is 101pcs,including Aluminum Oxide Discs(74pcs)/Zirconium Oxide discs(15pcs)/Non-woven disc(15pcs)/black sanding discs(2pcs)/mini flap disc(2pcs)/wood disc(1pcs)/holder(1pcs)
  • Quickly Change: Design is very suitable for change quickly for highly work effectiveness.
  • Perfect Polishing: Perfect for detail work on tighter contoured areas and it provides sufficient coverage area to handle larger surface, it plays well on almost all surface
  • Packing List: 1*Grinding disc set

Grit #100 Diamond Manganese Steel Electroplate Cup Bowl Grinding Wheelcup grinding wheeldiamond wheel grinding

  • MOST COMMON SHANK SIZE: The 1/4 shank makes these abrasive wheels suitable to be used as sanding wheels for electric drills, cordless drills, die grinders and Dremel tools.
  • METALWORKING APPLICATIONS: The mounted flap sanding wheels are commonly used in metalworking as a grinding or wheel to clean up welds and cuts in iron, stainless steel and metal alloys. Also used for removing layers of rust and paint on flat metal surfaces
  • WOODWORKING APPLICATIONS: Often used for Dremel flap sander wheels in woodworking for the stripping of old layers of paint when during resurfacing projects or sanding and finishing contoured wood surfaces.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: High quality aluminum oxide coated abrasive cloth provides a solid and durable grinding power combined with high efficiency and long life to give you that premium performance that you need and expect from your tools.
  • VARIETY OF WHEEL SIZES: Our 40 pack set includes 4 different sizes, 16, 20, 25, 30mm widths.

150mm Diamond Grinding Wheel 6 Inch Carbide Metal Grinder Disc Cutter Sharpener

  • Wide Applicability£ºGrinding cup wheel can fit almost all brand 125mm/5 inch angle grinder,such us Bosh,Makita,Dewalt and so on.
  • Application: Cup wheel has double row segments design and good for grinding concrete and field stone no matter wet or dry.
  • Highly Quality Material£ºDurable and reliable material makes this grinding wheel has a longer working times.
  • New Design: New designed,it can keep the grinder cups cooler and reduce wear and tear.
  • Wet/Dry Use:This cup can be used under dry and wet working environment and more convenient for your working.

Concrete Stone Ceramics Tools Grinder Concrete Stone Cut Arbor for Angle Grinder Grinding Wheel

  • This aggressive turbo cup grinding wheel provides for very fast cutting action on masonry, stone and concrete. High diamond concentration for longer life and aggressive material removal
  • Large grinding segments with heat treated steel bodies which provides increases durability and wheel life
  • Generally used for dry/wet grinding of concrete, granite, stone, marble, tile, masonry and some other construction material to smooth uneven surfaces and remove flashing
  • The 4" diamond grinding wheel features air holes designed to aid in maintaining and cooling the cutting pattern and reducing wear
  • We provide 5-Year Worry and Unconditional 90-Day & Technical Support. Buy with confidence.

1Set 7Grit 4 Inch 100MM Frankfurt Diamond Wet Polishing Pad Flexible Grinding Disc For Marble Stone Abrasive Tools

  • As a leading manufacturer for power tools accessories, offers the ideal accessories for virtually all applications
  • It is our aim to develop appropriate accessories for more efficient working
  • The research and development departments at work to develop and optimize accessories in line with the needs of users
  • Diameter: 115mm
  • With depressed centre A 24

  • Dimension: 115mm x 22.23mm x 6.0mm

10pcs 3mm 2.35mm Wool Polishing Brush Buffing Wheel Grinding Buffing Wheel Grind

  • Grit 120, 10-inch outside diameter,quality electroplated diamond coated flat lap disk wheel.
  • The flat laps wheels have a 1/2-inch arbor hole for Angle Grinder.
  • They are absolutely flat and parallel to meet the most exacting faceting requirements.
  • For grinding and polishing jewelry, glass, rock,stone, granite,etc.
  • Recommended for rough and fine grinding on faceting material plus general lapidary grinding when precision is required.

12pcs/set 16 32mm Cutting Discs Silver Carbon Steel Circular Saw Blades With Mandrel Woodworking Handicrafts DIY Tool

  • General purpose Hard & Soft wood cutting saw blade. for long-lasting cuts in plywood, chipboard, multi-board, panels, MDF,plated&counted-plated panels, laminated&Bi-laminate plastic, and FRP.
  • Desgined for wet or dry working
  • for cutting and grinding marble stone fiberglass , and it is ok for but not recommended for hard
  • Blade Type: Diamond Blades
  • Electroplated technology keeps all diamond grain attached to the steel core, high diamond exposure rate provide high efficient working performance

Abrasive Wire Grinding Flower Head Abrasive Nylon Wheel Brush Woodwork Polishing Brush Bench Grinder

  • COMPATIBLE: 2 Packs of 100mm Multipurpose Grinding Wheels work with a variety of small angle grinders with a 16mm. threaded arbor
  • MULTIPURPOSE: This Shaping disc is great for grinding, engraving and polishing wood materials and other DIY wood works
  • EFFICIENT: Our Grinding Dish engineered for fast grinding, because the very coarse coating providing rapid material removal while leaving a relatively smooth finish
  • HIGH QUALITY: This Grinder Wheel is made of premium titanium steel and tungsten Carbide teeth provides outstanding wear-life
  • WOOD ONLY: This wood shaping grinder wheel should be used on non-metal materials and Dry use only

220V 300W Electric Polisher Knife Sharpener Hairdressing Scissors Manicure Knife Special Polishing Machine Diamond Grinding Disc

  • Hardness: 20# 30# 50# 100#; Abrasive:; Other Size: 10'' 250mm; Bonding Agent: Other; Shape: Dish;
  • 10'' Diamond Concrete Grinding Disc | 250mm Epoxy Concrete FAST Grinding Disk | 20 segments, install infloor grinder. when you order the disc, please tell us what kind of disk do you want, if you don't tell us, we will send D-250B 30# Blue coarse grade disc to you. thanks.

Grinding?Wheel?Alumina Bench Grinder Red Aabrasive Tools 46 60 80 Ggrit 8 Inch

  • HIGH DENSITY ZIRCONIA 4-1/2(115mm) inch with 7/8(22.23mm) arbor, 80 pappers of sand
  • Include 10 pcs of grit 40, 5 pcs of grit 60, 3 pcs of grit 80, 2 pcs of grit 120
  • Designed for grinding, blending, sanding and finishing on a wide range of material. ranging from metal or woodworking, concrete grinding or finishing, stone smoothing or finishing, to rust removal and more, Especially for stainless steel treatment. GOOD FOR METAL WORK SHOP
  • SHUZIYU For Premium Quality Only, We started our tool business in 2007,. Supply the best qualtiy tools with very good price

Drill 6mm Pad Grinding Sanding Head Flap Wheel Mounted Polishing Brush Wheel for Stainless Steel / Aluminum Grinding Polishing

  • Grinding Disc--Sharp, wear-resistant and high efficiency.
  • Grinding Wheel--Using special binding agent. Strong grinding force and smoothness.
  • Diamond Wheel--Polish quickly and use for long time. No color left on stone after polishing.
  • Polishing Pad--Mainly used for stone, glass, ceramics, crystal, ceramic stone, concrete, etc.
  • Polishing Disc--This grinding disc uses diamond as abrasion and combined with composite material.
  • After Sale Service--In case of any issues, please don't hesitate to contact the seller to solve any problems. Our goal is to have your 100% satisfaction and we will stop at nothing to achieve that.

4.5 inch Wood Carving Disc Woodworking Chain Grinder Chain Saws Disc Chain Plate Tool for 115MM Angle Grinding Dropshipping

  • Package includes: each package includes 1 flat grinder shaping abrasive disc and 1 bevel wood carving grinding disc; These 2 different discs can meet your different needs, they can remove bits of wood quickly, saving your time and energy, helping you quickly finish the woodworking
  • Measurement: the outer diameter measures about 100 mm/ 4 inch, the inner diameter measures about 16 mm/ 5/8 inch, easy and quick to install on the standard electric angular grinder
  • Quality material: made of tungsten carbide, the angle grinder disc is durable and practical, not easy to break or deform due to sturdy construction; Wood grinder disc tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of pointed parts that rapidly remove stock; Please keep the product out of the range of kids
  • Convenient usage: you can easily install the grinding disc on the standard electric angular grinder and then use it without tedious operation process, suitable for rapid removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas, bringing a lot of convenience to your work
  • Wide range of use: the grinding discs are suitable for non-metallic and non-hard materials, and they are mainly applied for wood trimming, root carving, tea plate, peeling, chamfering, trimming and deburring, polishing, manual DIY, etc.

Riesba 220v 360w Eu Plug Adjustable Speed Angle Grinder Polishing Machine Electric Mill High Quality + Grinding Wheel

  • Size: 6 inches in diameter 60
  • Strong stability: in corundum, with high hardness and the shape reminiscent well.
  • High grinding ratio: uniform particles, difficult to sand, less wear.
  • Ideal grinding tool: it has high brittleness, sharp abrasive grain and good thermal conductivity.
  • Wide range of use: Suitable for grinding hard and heat-sensitive steel, such as hardened steel, high carbon steel and alloy steel.

30pcs 2 Inch Sponge Sanding Disc Wet&Dry Sandpaper Hook and Loop 300 3000 Grit for Car Polishing and Grinding

  • SIZE: 3.3 inch diameter 5/8 inch shaping disc
  • ACCURATE: This is a powerful grinding wheel that allows wood to be placed exactly at the desired angle. Designed for mounting on all standard grinders
  • SHARP: The tungsten carbide coating consists of hundreds of extremely sharp teeth that can be easily used during woodworking, cleaning and moulding. It is made to survive hundreds of sandpaper pads
  • APPLICATION: Suitable for quick shaping and rapid removal of material and wood forming. It is best suited for working on wood angles and concave areas/ convex grinding work
  • NOTE: Should only be used on non-metals or non-metal materials, suitable for wood and wood-based materials

17pcs/set 13mm Electric Drill Cutting Seat Conversion Tool Accessories Grinding Wheel Metal Slice for Grinding Cutting Polishing

  • These concrete grinding discs are made from high quality and durable diamond coating. They are professional and amateur tools produced to give flawless working results.
  • Our abrasive diamond cup wheel have dome flange shapes, Suitable for polished leveling of concrete flooring or material such as marble, etc. When adding some water, you get better effects during grinding.
  • With air holes, they are purposely designed to favor and maintain a cool and stable cutting pattern and reduce wear and tear.
  • The brazed double row segments are perfect for both fast and smooth grinding with the 5mm segment height. They can be used in a wet or dry state, great to use in different situations.
  • heavy duty diamond grinding disc can be used for concrete, stone, plaster, paint and mortar coating removal. Also suitable for marble, tile, rock and concrete grinding.

Sanding Disc Holder Sandpaper Backing Polishing Pad Hand Grinding Block

  • 10 professional flap discs - THE optimal attachment for your angle grinder
  • Features: High quality, stainless steel, size: 115 mm, grain 60
  • The robust, particularly high-quality abrasive blades are ideal for grinding and perfect polishing of metal, stone, wood and many other materials
  • With a diameter of only 115 our flap discs are excellent for working smaller surfaces and for polishing small details suitable
  • More flap discs in various grain sizes, sizes and quality standards can be found in our online shop

80*6 Shaft Mounted Drill Abrasive Wire Grinding Wheel Radial Nylon Woodwork Polishing Brush Wood Furniture Mahogany Finish

  • Product 1: Accurately: grinds correct tip and relief angles and restores sharp-as-new cutting edges on drill bits and small tools.
  • Product 1: Drill Bits: Re-sharpens drill bits; HSS, masonry, SDS-plus, centre-point, brad-point and flat wood, 3-13mm in diameter. Including titanium-coated bits.
  • Product 1: Small Tools: Re-sharpens and re-edges small tools including carbide-tipped: scribers, bradawls, punches, cold chisels, screwdrivers, etc. Makes them easier to use, and extends tool life.
  • Product 1: Precision Angles: The grinding jig has all the angles for correct tip geometry built in. It positions each type of bit over the wheels to give the correct tip and relief angles.
  • Product 2: Compatibility: For use with Multi-Sharp 3001 Wetstone Water-Cooled Chisel and Plane Blade Sharpener.
  • Product 2: Long Life: High-quality, aluminium oxide grinding wheel extends the life of your chisels and small hand tools.
  • Product 2: Easy to Install: Full replacing instructions are enclosed on the pack.
  • Product 2: Re-Sharpens: Chisels and plane blade small hand tools, including gouges, bradawls, screwdrivers, centre-punches, scribers and wood carving tools.

M2 HSS circular disc saw blade for cutting iron pipe, copper pipe more durable hard Tin coating

  • General purpose Hard & Soft wood cutting saw blade. for long-lasting cuts in plywood, chipboard, multi-board, panels, MDF,plated&counted-plated panels, laminated&Bi-laminate plastic, and FRP.
  • 1. Wet or dry cutting, for 7/8" or 5/8" Arbor(Adapter included for 5/8").
  • 2. Blades Kit contains: continuous/segmented/turbo rim per 1 piece.
  • 3. Saw Blades Set are designed for cutting Granite, Marble, Ceramics, concrete & other similar material.
  • 4. Produced in technology.