Product Description

1. Metal manufacturing: The blade is thick and sharp, cutting smoothly, can be used, cutting efficiency is high, cutting speed is fast, and cutting sharpness can be used continuously.
2. Emery cutting head adopts stable heat treatment technology to remove corrosive substances, long service life and qualified manufacturing process.
3. The heat-dissipating muffler prevents working under high-speed conditions, and the body is easily deformed when heated.
4. Metal baking paint, the surface is treated with a special metal baking paint, after a special process, the surface is treated with a metal baking paint, which is not easy to rust.
5. Widely used in a wide range of professional polishing of cement, granite, marble and other stone walls, floors, bridges and other products.
Model: 100mm agglomerate
material: metal
Outer diameter: 100mm
Inner diameter: 22mm
Washer: variable inner diameter 16mm
Type: small agglomerates/large agglomerates/double-slot large agglomerates/industrial-grade large agglomerates (optional)
Thickness: about 4¡«8mm

Package Included:
100mm agglomerate*1
The thickness of the small module is about 4¡«5mm
100 mm diamond segmented grinding wheel. Suitable for grinding masonry, ceramics, terrazzo, marble, ceramic tiles, concrete, and stone.

Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:OEM
  • DIY Supplies:Tiling
  • Certification:CE
  • Type:Abrasive Block
  • Model Number:100mm agglomerate
  • material:metal
  • Outer diameter:100mm
  • Inner diameter:22mm

OEM Customer Service

  • 01.Special product design (logo,label and package) for customers.
  • 02.Same price, higher quality,same quality,lower price.
  • 03.Full OEM experiences for customers.
  • 04.Stable quality for different batch of goods.

Manufacture & Delivery

Below are actual photos of product application, product packaging and shipment, and workshop.

Factory and Workshop
Packaging and Delivery