Product Description

Name: Small saw blade
Material: high speed steel(HSS)
Color: Black
Type: 22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm, 50mm
(22mm / 25mm / 32mm) X 0.7×6.35mm
(35mm / 44mm / 50mm) X0.8X6.35mm
Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm
Shrank diameter: 3.18mm
Outer diameter: 22-44mm
Inner diameter: 6.0mm

packing list:

1 * 22mm saw blade
1 * 25mm saw blade
1 * 32mm saw blade
1 * 35mm saw blade
1 * 44mm saw blade
1 * 50mm saw blade
2 * extension rod

It is mainly used for processing or cutting of copper, iron, aluminum, alloys, and other narrow and deep metal materials with medium hardness and below. It can also be used for milling of non-metal materials such as plastic and wood.


1.Made from strong HHS high-speed-steel,duable to use.
2.High Speed Steel blades set for accurate,fast and precision cutting.
3.Suitable for timber,plastic,fiberglass,copper,aluminium & thin sheet metal etc. soft metal.
4.An indispensable tool for carving work.

Please Note:
Must tighten the the screw before using it. Because electric mill is a high-speed operation tool, with a certain risk.
Further, the rod must be clamped at the position of two-thirds above. Speed must be controlled within 20,000 rpm.
Do not press hard cut to hard things, remember the safe operation is the first! Please take good protection.

Be careful when using the product because it’s really sharp.

Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:OEM
  • Certification:NONE
  • Size:/
  • Model Number:S96890699
  • Finishing:Other
  • Number of Pcs:8 Pcs
  • Blade Type:Circular Saw Blades
  • Blade Material:HSS
  • Usage:Home DIY
  • Name:Small saw blade
  • Material:high speed steel
  • Color:Black
  • type:22mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 44mm, 50mm
  • size:(22mm / 25mm / 32mm) X 0.7×6.35mm

OEM Customer Service

  • 01.Special product design (logo,label and package) for customers.
  • 02.Same price, higher quality,same quality,lower price.
  • 03.Full OEM experiences for customers.
  • 04.Stable quality for different batch of goods.

Manufacture & Delivery

Below are actual photos of product application, product packaging and shipment, and workshop.

Factory and Workshop
Packaging and Delivery