Product Description

Description of product features:
-This product is made by artificial diamond grinding wheel and resin bonding.-The grinding wheel is stable and reliable in grinding accuracy,cutting property,life and so on.
-It can be applied to many materials.So that you can eassily deal with various materials to meet your needs.-It is mainly used for the surface grinding and outer circular grinding of cemented carbide measuring tools, tungsten steel,high-speed steel,alloy steel, glass, gem, magnetic materials, ceramics and molds, etc.
-High hardness, high compressive strength, good wear resistance.-It is suitable for sharpening of sawtooth,milling cutters and ect.
Product Detail:
-Color:Brown and sliver
-Material:Resin bond and diamond coated carbide metal-Out Diameter:125mm/5inch approx.-Hole diameter:13/16/20/25/32mm
0.51/0.63/0.98/1.26inch approx.-Sand width:8mm/0.31inch approx.-Thickness:8mm/0.31inch approx.-Concentration:75%-Grain size:150/320/240grit-Quantity: 1 Piece-Shape:Hypotenuse-Model:PDX
-If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me.
Package Content:
-1Pc 125mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc
-Please check your machine regularly to make sure it works normally.
-Please wear safety precautions and pay attention to safety when using and test stability before working.-In order to prevent accidents, please idle for 2-3 minutes after installation, and confirm the stability before working.-Please be carefully check the goods appearance, size, shape and then compare your original goods before ordering, thank you.

Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:OEM
  • Certification:CE
  • is_customized:Yes
  • Bonding Agent:Resin
  • Shape:Hypotenuse
  • Size:125mm
  • Model Number:Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc
  • Hardness:P
  • Abrasive:Diamond
  • Usage:Commercial Manufacture

OEM Customer Service

  • 01.Special product design (logo,label and package) for customers.
  • 02.Same price, higher quality,same quality,lower price.
  • 03.Full OEM experiences for customers.
  • 04.Stable quality for different batch of goods.

Manufacture & Delivery

Below are actual photos of product application, product packaging and shipment, and workshop.

Factory and Workshop
Packaging and Delivery